Hello again! My name is Ana, I am 22 years old, living in USA, Portland, and in my early childhood I figured out that my life purpose is being vegan. Everyday I ask myself why people hurt animals so bad, and I can’t find a proper answer. All this cruelty from all over the world is horrible. I hope that I will bring light in animal’s lives and save them from a butcher’s knife.

Since childhood I gave up meat immediately, for me it will never represented something tasty. I loved animals and did not want to eat them, but my mother said that it was necessary, that it was useful, etc. I gave up dairy products only after half a year, it was more difficult, since my daily diet included milk for the most part, throughout my life.
But now I have completely changed my outlook on life and changed my diet.

Among my friends there is one who supports me.

It’s great when there are like-minded people, then it’s not so scary to live in this world.