Hello to every animal lover!

Vegetarianism as a system involves the rejection of the consumption of meat products – poultry and seafood, then it does not at all deny the inclusion in the diet of eggs, dairy and other products obtained as a result of the processing of animal organisms. Many people understand veganism as a stricter form of vegetarianism that excludes all animal products from the diet, and this is generally true.

Let’s protect our little one’s together! Animals are suffereing every minute on this hell which we are calling planet Earth. This cruelty must be stopped. Please follow me, and together we will be united under wing of our saving and forgiving Grace.

Many people think about diets when they start to follow their figure, so even the word “diet” is associated with appearance – replace the set of products and their quantity from which the menu is made, and the skin of the face will be cleansed, the tummy will be tightened, fat deposits will be removed, and so on. Further.

Veganism is also being looked at to some extent. There are indisputable facts testifying in his favor, among which the fact that vegans really have clear skin, nothing can be done – what is true is true. At the same time, they do not put much effort and do not carry out special procedures to make their skin look this way. The effect is achieved only through nutrition.

Vegans have good digestion, as their diet contains a large amount of fiber: fruits, vegetables, and certain types of grains are saturated with it, so the digestion process will not stretch over time like people who follow a normal diet. Just remember that the same chicken in the stomach alone can stay for about 12 hours, and there it still has to go through the meters of the small and large intestines, it is not at all surprising that digestion takes a really long time and puts a heavy load on all internal organs and the excretory system.

Vegans have a stronger nervous system and, as a result, are more stress-resistant. In general, it can be noted that these people are more balanced and therefore pleasant in communication, provided that the person does not carry out “missionary work”, trying to convert everyone he meets to his new “faith” – veganism.

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