Wednesday NightDrink & Eat Specials

(substitutions will be politely declined)
VEGGIE BURGER SLIDERS (with lettuce, tomato, and pickles) $3.00 EACH
BBQ TEMPEH SLIDERS (crumbled tempeh, BBQ sauce, pickles) $3.00 EACH
TEMPEH FINGERS (4 pieces. Served with BBQ sauce) $4.00
CHEESESTEAK QUESADILLA (seitan, mushrooms, onions, green chiles, pepper jack, between 2 grilled corn tortillas) $6.00 daiya- add $1
VITA POUTINE (fries, almond gravy, CHEVRE CRUMBLES) $4.50 DAIYA- ADD $1
CHILI CHEESE FRIES (fries, 3 bean chili, cheddar cheese) $4.50 daiya- ADD $1
Late for breakfast SANDWICH (a Vegan Biscuit with Vegan sausage, one fried egg or a grilled tofu cutlet, and a side of almond gravy) $4.50